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Urgent Care Accepting New Patients in Burbank, CA

Urgent Care Accepting New Patients in Burbank, CA

If you are in search of an urgent care that is accepting patients for common illnesses and minor injuries, feel free to visit Burbank Urgent Care today. We welcome walk-in patients also and open 7 days a week. For more information, contact us or book an appointment online. Our urgent care is conveniently located at 3413 W. Pacific Avenue Suite # 102 Burbank CA 91505.

Urgent Care Accepting New Patients Near Me in Burbank CA
Urgent Care Accepting New Patients Near Me in Burbank CA

Table of Contents:

How often does an urgent care clinic accept new patients?
How do I see a new doctor?
Is Burbank Urgent Care accepting new patients?
What happens during a new patient visit?

How often does an urgent care clinic accept new patients?

A new patient should feel comfortable when communicating with the healthcare provider. However, it can be hard to express opinions in a new environment where you don’t know anyone. The healthcare provider can help by asking direct questions about how the patient feels and what they need. They should also take notes during their conversations with new patients so they can efficiently answer their questions. A lot of doctors lead with a lot of questions when meeting new patients; this process helps to build trust between the two parties.

Patients who have never visited a medical clinic before could have trouble adjusting to the communication style there. New patients are often nervous about asking questions or making mistakes during their first appointment. The healthcare provider will likely spend time getting to know each new patient individually before addressing any general concerns. This preamble time allows patients to prepare themselves and understand what they need to say during their appointments.

A medical clinic is an institution where doctors treat patients-just like any other healthcare facility in the world. Patients can feel at ease when visiting a medical clinic because the healthcare provider welcomes them with open arms and tries to build rapport with them through direct questions and note-taking. Even though some people have negative experiences at medical clinics, there are still many benefits associated with receiving treatment from certified medical professionals.

How do I see a new doctor?

Burbank Urgent Care has two options available to our patients who want to have a visit with one of our residing doctors, you can either walk in to see a doctor, meaning no appointment necessary, or you can schedule an appointment online through our “Request an Appointment” app that allows you to view various options of days and times that would work best with your schedule.

Before your appointment, please ensure you have the following with you to make the check-in a smooth and comfortable process:

• Form of identification
• Insurance card
• Form of payment
• Questions to ask the doctor
• List of symptoms regarding what you may be dealing with

Is Burbank Urgent Care accepting new patients?

At this moment, Burbank Urgent Care is accepting new patients to our clinic. If you are looking for a new physician or clinic to have as your family clinic or doctor, we are available 7 days a week with late options available during the week, because getting ill doesn’t have a timeline.

Each urgent care only takes in a certain number of new patients each month per year, which is a fantastic option for many families, as you can become a patient at one of the top urgent care clinics in Burbank CA.

The many services that are available at Burbank Urgent Care includes:

COVID-19 Diagnosis
Ear Infections
• Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Treatment
• Rash Treatment
Orthopedic Urgent Care Services
• Urinary Tract Infection Treatment
• Sore Throat Treatment
• Migraine Treatment
• Illness and Injuries Treatment
• Skin Infection Treatment
• Insect Bite and Sting Treatment
• Sinus Infection Treatment
• Stomach Ache and Pains Treatment
• Allergic Reactions Treatment
And many others

What happens during a new patient visit?

During a new patient visit with Burbank Urgent Care, we ask you to bring with you your medical information, including insurance, identification, past medical health history, list of symptoms, and any questions you may have for our doctor so they can review it to help diagnose and treat.

The more medical information you can provide including your family’s medical history will allow us to review everything, this will make the diagnosis and treatment faster unless medical services like x-rays, lab work, etc. need to be completed.

If you are interested in visiting Burbank Urgent Care, simply schedule an appointment with us through our website or walk in for medical care with one of our experienced and trained medical staff. We serve patients from Burbank CA, Glendale CA, Pasadena CA, Beverly Hills CA, San Fernando CA, La Crescenta-Montrose CA, and Kagel Canyon CA.