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Orthopedic Urgent Care

Orthopedic Urgent Care in Burbank CA

When you need immediate care, Burbank Urgent Care is your one-stop-shop for any sudden or minor urgent orthopedic injuries. Contact us today for more information or schedule an appointment online! Our urgent care is conveniently located at 3413 W. Pacific Avenue Suite # 102 Burbank CA 91505.

Orthopedic Urgent Care Near Me in Burbank CA
Orthopedic Urgent Care Near Me in Burbank CA

Table of Contents:

Does urgent care provide orthopedic care?
When should I visit an urgent care for orthopedic care?
What orthopedic services do urgent cares provide?
What are the benefits of visiting urgent care for orthopedic injuries?

Accidents and injuries seldom happen during normal business hours at doctor’s offices. It may not come as a surprise that they happen when you least expect it. When accidents and injuries happen it’s always good to know what options you have for medical care. Knowing where you can go to get the treatment you need can be very important.

Orthopedic injuries may require special care. If you have one that isn’t life-threatening, you can go to an urgent care clinic that has the facilities to treat orthopedic injuries. These are the kinds of injuries that require immediate care but are not life-changing or life-threatening.

Does urgent care provide orthopedic care?

Urgent care centers may or may not be equipped to deal with many of the orthopedic injuries and problems that can arise. Burbank Urgent Care is equipped to treat orthopedic problems. We have orthopedic specialists on staff to treat injuries properly.

When should I visit an urgent care for orthopedic care?

Urgent care is necessary for the following issues:

• A minor wound or cut
• A twisted ankle or foot
• A broken bone
• A minor dislocation
• Sprained knee
• An injured shoulder, wrist, elbow, or hand caused by a fall
• Work-related orthopedic injuries, such as minor cuts, blunt force trauma, sprains, strains, etc.

If your injury is more ever it is best to go to an emergency room:

Injury causing deformity to the knee, elbow, ankle, or shoulder. These injuries will need more effective pain control and services than are available at an urgent care.

• Injuries from a motor vehicle accident that are serious.
• A large blow to the head should be treated at an ER where CT scans are readily available.
• A serious cut or injury should be treated at an ER since these may require in-depth repair and pain management.

What orthopedic services do urgent cares provide?

The kinds of orthopedic issues we can address include:

• Joint pain
• Fractures
• Dislocations
• Strains and strains
• Sports injuries
• Ligament tears
• Meniscal tears
• Injuries from auto accidents
• Arthritis symptoms
• Workplace injuries
• Osteoporosis symptoms

Urgent care clinics that treat orthopedic injuries will have staff trained in orthopedic care and will have the necessary equipment to scan, test, and diagnose orthopedic injuries. They will also be able to provide ongoing care for people who struggle with musculoskeletal diseases, like arthritis.

What are the benefits of visiting urgent care for orthopedic injuries?

Whether your injury is from an accident or participating in a physical activity, orthopedic emergencies can happen. When you have an injury that impacts your musculoskeletal health, there are options for immediate medical care. For injuries, seeing a specialist can help you recover more quickly.

Urgent care clinics have many benefits. While you may think that you need to go to an emergency room for these kinds of injuries, an urgent care clinic may be able to treat your injury more quickly than can be done at an ER. Most of the time, an ER or urgent care clinic can treat the immediate issue. They will then refer you to an orthopedic specialist. At an urgent care clinic that is set up to treat urgent orthopedic problems, an orthopedic specialist will be on staff. You will get your needs addressed more quickly and at a lower cost.

Urgent care clinics will have much of the lab testing equipment and imaging equipment on site to help make a diagnosis quickly and accurately. They will also be much less expensive than an ER and if you have insurance your copay will probably be the same as a normal doctor visit, much less than an ER visit.

Burbank Urgent Care also provides comprehensive and quality orthopedic urgent care services. For more information, call and schedule an appointment. We serve patients from Burbank CA, Glendale CA, Pasadena CA, Beverly Hills CA, San Fernando CA, La Crescenta-Montrose CA, and Kagel Canyon CA.