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About Us

About Burbank Urgent Care in Burbank, CA

At Burbank Urgent Care we offer urgent care services for you and your family. We also cater to walk-in patients. We offer a wide range of services such as general medicine, women’s health services, pediatrics care, COVID testing, and much more. Make a reservation or contact us today! We are conveniently located at 3413 W Pacific Ave #102, Burbank, CA 91505.

About Burbank Urgent Care in Burbank CA
About Burbank Urgent Care in Burbank CA

Burbank Urgent Care began 35 years ago at our present location as part of the Providence St. Joseph Medical Center’s commitment to providing health services to the community’s commercial area. At the time, the current location surrounding was dominated by manufacturers and entertainment-related industries. The objective at that time was to provide Occupational Health Services for job-related illnesses and injuries. As local film production and related businesses were outsourced to outside areas, the need for Occupational services began to decline. Providence St. Joseph chose to sell the practice to Stanford Lee, MD (emergency physician) and Bikash Devaraj, MD. The sale allowed Burbank Urgent Care to focus on its new mission. As health care evolved and the surge in demand for urgent care services, Burbank Urgent Care’s primary focus was on treating acute and chronic medical conditions. Over the years, we have educated, trained, and acquired healthcare providers specializing in acute and chronic care treatment.

Burbank Urgent Care’s mission is to provide the finest and most comprehensive Urgent Care services to our community and surrounding area.

Burbank Urgent Care has been serving the greater Burbank community from our present location for over 35 years. Initially, Burbank Urgent Care was affiliated with Providence St. Joseph Medical Center and our primary mission was to provide comprehensive occupational health services to employees of the surrounding municipal and commercial businesses, as well as all of the major entertainment studios. After much of the local film production was outsourced to studios abroad, Providence elected to sell the practice to emergency medicine physicians Dr. Bikash Devaraj and Dr. Stanford Lee who have been providing medical director leadership and professional staffing at the center since the clinic’s inception.

In 2009 BOHC was re-branded as Burbank Urgent Care with a new emphasis on meeting the underserved needs of Burbank residents for an efficient, convenient, walk-in urgent care clinic. We continue to maintain a strong affiliation with Providence Medical Center, as well as all of the surrounding major medical and managed care groups, including UCLA Health, Motion Picture, Lakeside, Regal, Facey and HealthCare Partners.

Our primary goal is to provide convenient, cost-effective, and expeditious walk–in urgent care services to the surrounding community. Since we are independent and physician-owned, we can rapidly introduce state-of-the-art electronic messaging and online reservation technologies, staffed by residency-trained physicians and physician assistants with a more intimate and personal setting rather than dealing with the bureaucracy of a large corporate medical chain. Dr. Devaraj and Dr. Lee are actively involved in practicing medicine and daily management so that our clinic can provide you with the personal care and attention that each patient deserves. Our ultimate goal is to evolve and continually strive to improve our services to meet the medical needs of our community

"Burbank's Best" 2023 Award

“Burbank’s Best” 2023 Award